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Compact fan for those hot summerdays

Silent fan with three speed settings

With its height of 18,1 inch and weight of less than 3 kilos, this Solis fan is ideal for those hot summerdays. You can literally put the fan under your arm and move it from space to space. The Table Fan is very quiet in use, so you can safely use it if you are working at home or want to catch up with friends. Thanks to the rotor blades with a diameter of 11 inch, the air is optimally moved. Because the speed of the air flow is high, you will feel a nice refreshment.

Clear operation

There are 4 clear switch buttons on the base of the compact Table Fan, with which you can choose 3 different speed settings. The fourth button is for turning off the device. Because the fan is so quiet, you can also place it on your bedside table for a cool night sleep. Due to its stylish white color, the Table Fan is a real eye-catcher for your interior.

The advantages:

Silent fan

3 speed settings

Stylish color

Medium sized rotor blades

Fixed height

Compact and easy to move

Sturdy foot

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