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Beko ExpertFry 8.5L Dual Zone Hot Air Fryer

Beko ExpertFry 8.5L Dual Zone Hot Air Fryer


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This versatile appliance not only reduces the amount of oil needed for cooking but also consumes less energy compared to a conventional oven, making it an energy-efficient option for your kitchen. Thanks to this model's 8.5L Dual Basket, you can cook two large dishes simultaneously without mixing odours, maximising your cooking efficiency, and saving time in the kitchen. Complete with four dishwasher-safe accessories, including a dehydrating rack, cooking rack, grill, and skewer rack, this stylish air fryer provides convenient and versatile cooking options. Cook two different dishes with ease with the Smart Finish feature. This intelligent programme ensures both dishes are ready at the same time, streamlining your cooking process and saving you time. Achieve perfectly cooked meals every time with the Match Cook feature. By easily copying cooking settings from one side to the other, this programme will save you time while delivering delicious results. Thanks to the wide LED display, you can easily navigate through your Air Fryer's menu options and temperature settings, making cooking a seamless experience. Featuring 9 automatic cooking functions, including Manual, Grill and Dehydrating, this versatile appliance provides convenient meal preparation with pre-set cooking modes for a variety of dishes.

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