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Beko Solo Digital Touch Control 20L Microwave

Beko Solo Digital Touch Control 20L Microwave


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STYLISH, SLEEK AND COMPACT DESIGN - Add a little sleek style to you kitchen without taking up too much space. The compact yet stylish design offers 20 litres of cooking capacity and will sit comfortably kitchen worktop leaving plenty of space for that all important food prep.

700W MICROWAVE POWER- Maintains perfect power to ensure your foods cooked evenly whilst maintaining essential nutrients and vitamins. This not only will save you time effort but guarantees that your food will be cooked quicker.

AUTO DEFROST- Effortlessly defrost your food with the help of our auto defrost function. The microwave can sense the weight of your frozen food to automatically set the defrost time. That means you'll only need to put your frozen food in once, for it to come out thawed and ready to be cooked.

AUTO-COOK MENU- Effortlessly cook your food and save time in the kitchen with the help of our auto-cook function. Offering a pre-set menu, this programme features twelve functions which automatically set the time and power level of your microwave to the most suitable settings. So, whether you're heating vegetables for dinner or making popcorn for movie night, cooking is simple and easy.

TOUCH CONTROL DISPLAY- Easy to use, the touch control LED display will also add a stylish touch to your kitchen and includes a 100 minute timer function to help you keep track of your cooking times.

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