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Byron Wireless 16 Melodies Portable Doorbell Set

Byron Wireless 16 Melodies Portable Doorbell Set

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Byron Wireless Doorbell Set

Wireless Portable Door Chime and Bell Push

The plug in model does not require batteries, and can be simply plugged in to any available socket. Once paired with the bell push can you choose any socket in your home to place the doorbell and even change it between rooms at your leisure.

Set With 2 Wireless Portable Door Chimes and a Bell Push

This set comes included with two plug in door chimes and one bell push. Why not place one doorbell one the ground floor of your home and the second doorbell on the first floor. Similarly, they can used in your office, study, garage or attic!

Byron wireless portable doorbell set

Includes wall mounted bell push and two plug in door chimes

Features 16 melodies and 5 adjustable volume levels

100 meter unobstructed range

Easily installed and paired with all mounting materials included

IP44 protection rating

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