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Cosmopolitan Ladies Electronic Facial Hair Remover

Cosmopolitan Ladies Electronic Facial Hair Remover


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Cosmopolitan facial hair remover for men and women. The rotary design gives full coverage, to tackle facial hair removal in the most challenging areas. Painlessly remove hair from all areas of your face with ease. Even in daylight, those particularly elusive hairs can sometimes be difficult to spot. Achieve easy, flawless facial hair removal with added clarity thanks to the built-in light. This sleek ladies' hair removal tool is stylish and designed to blend in with your beauty and health care products for ultimate discretion. You don't have to get tough to tackle your facial hair. This soft-touch hair remover device is gentle on skin, making it a smooth, painless process - no cream, wax or epilator needed. The lightweight, compact design of this hair removal tool makes it easily portable. Ideal to keep in your bag to make sure you look on-point at any moment.

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