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Emporia 10.1" easy-to-use Seniors Tablet PC, with Wifi and LTE/4G connectivity

Emporia 10.1" easy-to-use Seniors Tablet PC, with Wifi and LTE/4G connectivity


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This tablet was designed and developed by emporia specifically for people aged 65 and over. It impresses with its simple menu structure, large control panels, clear screen layout and excellent price-performance ratio. And it wouldn't be an emporia product if it didn't come with an extra goody, which in this case is a convenient stand that is especially useful for video calls and also acts as a charger. It is supplied with a printed 100-page tablet manual too.

Senior citizens are currently discovering the new, digital world. They want to read the news online, watch videos and edit photos. They are using email and taking part in WhatsApp family group chats. They are on Facebook, using the Internet to find inspiration for where to go on their next trip and they like to do their banking from home. The emporiaTABLET, the user-friendliest tablet available on the market, enables and supports all these activities.

One special feature of this tablet is that it offers LTE as well, because older people in particular often do not have Wi-Fi at home or do not want to go through the hassle of signing into a Wi-Fi network when they are out. The SIM card allows them to be online anywhere and therefore use VoLTE and also WhatsApp on the tablet at any time.

Accessories available for the emporiaTABLET include but are not limited to a screen protector, a second stand (so the user has one for wall mounting and one for the table) and a book-style case with an integrated keyboard. This keyboard conveniently connects to the tablet automatically and is also supplied with the power it requires by the tablet.

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