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Energizer Electric 1600w 130Bar Pressure Washer

Energizer Electric 1600w 130Bar Pressure Washer


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The Energizer EZN600 Pressure Washer operates at up to 130 Bar and produces a substantial maximum water flow-rate of 420l/h. Equipped with a high-powered 1600w electric motor, this model will clean large areas fast and is capable the toughest dirt and grime around the house and garden. The maximum water-supply temperature is 50°C; and, as with all Compact Class units, Energizer 1600 is fitted with convenient storage retainers for the hose, spray lance and accessories, thereby ensuring everything is left neat and tidy and ready for the next session. The Energizer 1600 Pressure Washer is suitable for varied use- a quick clean of the car, a wash-down of the patio after a barbecue, or blasting dirt from the driveway - and with the 'sheer pleasure' that comes from using these power-tools, we're sure you'll discover many more!

Guarantee - 1 year

Features and benefits

A top-quality pressure-washer offering premium features at an affordable price

Brass pump-head and ceramic-coated pistons for superior longevity

Integrated wheels and transport handle for easy machine-movement

Rotating power-cord holder - no need for tedious unwinding

Pressure/flow rate control lets you adapt to the particular task in hand

Heavy-duty steel-braided hose

Detergent tank

Lengthy power-cord

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