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Stand fan with ion function and foot switch

Is it hot and stuffy in your rooms and does the air seem to stand still? The Solis Fan-Tastic counteracts this depressing feeling by circulating and cooling the air in the room. You can choose between 3 different ventilation modes: normal, natural and sleep. This sleep mode reduces the risk of catching a cold while sleeping. For better air quality, you can also activate the ion function. Although it may not sound like it, negative ions are an enrichment for air quality. This is partly because these ions have the property to attract positive dust particles (which become heavy, fall down and end up in the vacuum cleaner). This improves the air quality in the room, which is not only beneficial for your health, but perhaps even more for your living comfort.The horizontal and / or vertical swivel mechanism ensures optimal ventilation in all directions.

Automatic shut-off function

The Fan-Tastic also has an automatic shut-off and a touch-sensitive stop function for maximum safety. You can set the fan via the remote control or on the device itself. A special highlight: the fan can be easily switched on and off and the ventilation speed can be regulated via the foot switch at the base of the fan.

Ion generator

You can activate the ion generator by pressing the ANION button on the device. The ionization enriches the air with negative ions, which improves the air quality and thus your well-being.

Practical foot switch

Two switches are integrated in the base of the Fan-Tastic: a switch for switching on and changing the ventilation speed and a switch for turning off the fan. You can easily operate the device with your foot.

Safety stop function

The stand fan is equipped with a special safety stop function. As soon as you touch the fan's protective grille, the fan propeller stops to prevent injury. If there is no more contact, the propeller will start spinning again after 5-10 seconds.

So Swiss, so Solis

For over 110 years, Solis has successfully developed appliances related to cooking, beauty and climate. Thanks to years of experience, Solis is always able to bring new, innovative and safe products to the market. True values ​​are particularly important to the traditional Swiss company: trust, consistency and sustainability are paramount.

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