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GARDENA Bypass Garden Secateurs M

GARDENA Bypass Garden Secateurs M

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Perfect for cutting flowers, green wood and young shoots the GARDENA Garden Secateurs are made with high quality precision ground blades –  for a clean, healthy cut. With a cutting diameter of 22mm, the Bypass principle allows the blades to glide past each other. The ergonomically designed fibreglass reinforced handle make the Secateurs comfortable and practical to use. You can also adjust the secateurs to suit the size of your hand. The single hand locking feature allows you to safely store your secateurs. The secateurs come with a 25 year warranty.

Precise and Adjustable: Perfect for pruning flowers, young shoots, twigs and green wood up to 22mm in diameter,  for a clean, healthy and precise cut.

Powerful and Robust: The GARDENA Secateurs are made from high quality materials that guarantee a long life. The Bypass cutting principle allows the blades to glide past each other with ease, for a clean cut.

Ergonomically Designed: The reinforced fibreglass handles are ergonomically designed for comfortable and practical use. The single hand lock feature allows you to store your secateurs away safely.

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