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GARDENA NatureLine Border Spade

GARDENA NatureLine Border Spade

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The GARDENA NatureLine Spade is a high-quality sturdy tool. The sharp blade is made of hardened high-quality steel. The extra-wide foot tread with its special profile ensures a firm grip when the blade enters the soil and ideal power transmission to the spade. The warranty period is 10 years. This high-quality, sharp, metal spade guarantees easy penetration of the ground. Optimum Ergonomics - The GARDENA Natureline Spade utilises a D-shaped handle (FSC® certified) that lies well in your hand to guarantee a good working posture. Powerful Transmission - The extra-wide foot rest with a special profile allows you to push the spade forcefully into the ground, reducing the danger of injury due to unintentional slipping.

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