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GARDENA NatureLine Lawn Rake

GARDENA NatureLine Lawn Rake


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Made with 100% FSC certified Ashwood and high-quality plastic, the GARDENA NatureLine Lawn rake makes raking leaves, cut grass and other garden debris easier than ever. Sturdy, durable tines made from high quality plastic make the tool easy to use, yet still gentle on the lawn. The varnished, FSC certified Beechwood handle is securely connected to the rake head, for a stable, wobble and warp-free connection. With a working width of 43cm you can tidy your lawn in no time. This tool comes with a 10 year warranty. For Robust Use: The GARDENA NatureLine Lawn Rake uses a high quality, sturdy plastic tines so you can rake up leaves with ease. Fast and Effective: Due to the sturdy plastic tines and working width of 43cm, you can rake up leaves, cut grass and other garden debris efficiently and effectively. Secure Connection: The 100% FSC® certified beechwood handle utilises a robust plastic base to ensure a strong, stable connection with no wobbling or warping.

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