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GARDENA PowerMax 1400/32 Electric Lawnmower

GARDENA PowerMax 1400/32 Electric Lawnmower


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PowerMax 1400/34 electric lawn mower

Agile, lightweight, and convenient – for care of mid-sized lawn areas

This agile and especially convenient electric lawn mower is eminently suited to care of mid-sized lawn areas. Specially hardened blades ensure optimal cutting results. The ErgoTec Plus handle offers the highest in convenience during mowing. It can be operated flexibly in various handle positions. The Cut and Collect System allows efficient cutting and catching. QuickFit allows the cutting height to be adjusted in ten increments. Lawn combs in the housing facilitate mowing along walls and kerbs. The height-adjustable foldable frame allows easy transport and space-saving storage of the mower.

Efficient cutting and catching

Cut and Collect System ensures that the electric lawn mower delivers convincing results. Improved air circulation and the optimal position of the grass catcher box ensure clean, efficient cutting and catching.

Ergonomic handle

The ErgoTec handle with its two-sided bar switch makes operation convenient. The ergonomic handle shape supports the natural hand position, making the mower especially easy to push.

Easy cutting height adjustment

The QuickFit central height adjustment system makes cutting height very easy to adjust. Just push and turn.

1400 W

Grass blade cutting width: 34 cm

Recommended lawn area: up to around 400 m²

Grass catcher volume: 40 l

Central cutting height adjustment: 10 increments, 20-60 mm

Lawn comb (cutting near the lawn edge)

Cut and Collect System

Great tractive power: High-performance motor for a precise lawn cut, ideally suited to mid-sized gardens of up to 400 m² lawn area

Efficient cutting and catching: Everything lands right in the grass catcher box

Central height adjustment: The QuickFit system allows simple cutting height adjustment

Ergonomically shaped handles: ErgoTec Plus handles for easy pushing with the hands in a natural position

Scope of delivery includes: 1x Gardena PowerMax 1400/34

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