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GARDENA Precision Cut Boxwood Hedge Shears

GARDENA Precision Cut Boxwood Hedge Shears

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If you have a specific shape in mind for a hedge, bush or box tree then GARDENA PrecisionCut trimmers can help you to implement your vision. These practical shears have straight, especially sharp, robust steel blades with a non-stick coating so that no trimmings stick to them. It also reduces friction for even more powerful cutting.

Strong and sturdy

PrecisionCut trimmers use robust, durable and sharp steel blades that are straight for precision cutting.

ErgoTec handle

ErgoTec handles mean these hedge trimmers sit beautifully in the hand with excellent ergonomics. This tool is also incredibly lightweight because the handles are made from fibre-reinforced plastic and they offer a sturdy, secure grip.

Tap into your creativity

The straight blades on PrecisionCut shears enable you to cut truly precisely. These hedge trimmers are perfect for working on the details or for specific shapes like spheres and spirals. The special Z shape of these trimmers helps you to effortlessly trim a whole range of shapes.

Optimum operating angle in Z shape

Steel blades with non-stick coating

ErgoTec handles are comfortable to work with

Extra lightweight, reinforced plastic handles

Heavy duty straight cut steel blades allow for precise cutting and clean cutting results

The perfect working angle always allows safe cutting, as the hands do not touch hedges or shrubs and are therefore protected from scratches.

Very light, ergonomically shaped plastic handles with rounded handles ensure easy handling and fatigue-free work.

Stop buffers made of special plastic protect the joints

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