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GARDENA Wall-Mounted RollUp Hose Box & 30m Hose

GARDENA Wall-Mounted RollUp Hose Box & 30m Hose


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The GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel Automatic 30m set includes everything you need for practical but convenient hose storage, that makes watering the garden easier than ever.  The hose box is packed with handy features to make gardener's lives easier, including an integrated hose guid  for reliable retraction of the hose without kinking, twisting or knotting. The short locking points and RollControl technology in the hose box allow you to pull your hose to the desired length, then simply tug gently for safe, slow, reliable retraction. The hose box can be swivelled more than 180◦so you can conveniently water every area of your garden. This set includes all the necessary connections you need, including tap connector, connection hose, cleaning nozzle and other Original GARDENA System parts.

Ready To Use: Packed with everything you need to water your garden - including the 30m Wall-Mounted Hose Box, a powerful cleaning nozzle, leak-free tap connector & adaptor, hose connector and connecting hose.

Automatic and Retractable: The integrated RollControl technology and short locking points allows you to pull the hose to your desired length - simply pull gently for a safe, slow, reliable retraction.

Convenience: The hose box can be swivelled up to 180◦ so you can reach every area of your garden, and the integrated hose guide prevents knotting, kinks or twists in the hose.

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