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Gastroback Design Advanced BBQ Grill

Gastroback Design Advanced BBQ Grill


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Gastroback's Design BBQ Advanced Control provides the perfect combination of temperature and timing for perfectly grilled food. An integrated grill thermometer determines the exact core temperature of food indicating its exact cooking level. Perfect for meat, kebab skewers, poultry, vegetables, hamburgers, paninis, fish and lots more. There are 6 barbecue programs with preset temperatures plus a 60 minute timer with audible signal. The Design BBQ Advanced Control can be used in grill contact mode providing heat above and below food and a grill area of approximately 816cm² or opened flat in barbecue mode to provide a large grill area of approximately 1632cm². With 2000 watts of power, heating is quick and efficient. The two grill plates - one ribbed for creating characteristic grill lines, and one flat for pancakes, omelettes, fried eggs, crepes and potato cakes - each has a non-stick coating, so little to no fat is required for healthier grilling. Both grill plates are removable for cleaning and are dishwasher safe, as is the integrated grease drip tray.

Guarantee - 2 years

Features and benefits

Integrated grill thermometer determines exactly the core temperature and indicates the exact cooking level of the food - Suitable for various meats, kebab skewers, poultry, vegetables, hamburgers, panini, fish, etc.

6 BBQ programs with preset temperatures.

Unfoldable for use as a large barbecue grill – approx. 1632 cm² grill contact area & grill contact area – approx. 816 cm² (34 x 24 cm).

Ribbed upper part grill plate with height adjustment for a fine marking of the food and smooth bottom grill plate also suitable for pancakes, omelets, fried eggs, crepes and potato pancakes.

Extra fast grilling with 2000 watts and heating plates with integrated heating elements.

60 minute timer with audible signal.

Low fat function - healthy contact grilling for zero fat and anti stick coating.

Grill plates and integrated grease drip tray are removable and dishwasher safe.

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