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Melitta Enjoy Top Timer Filter Coffee Machine

Melitta Enjoy Top Timer Filter Coffee Machine


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True coffee enjoyment at any time.The Enjoy Top Timer in proven Melitta quality stands for individual coffee enjoyment. The practical timer makes it easy to program the coffee machine in advance so your coffee is ready at the right time. The patented AromaSelector® also allows you to select the brewing strength you prefer from mild to strong. For coffee enjoyment when and how you like it. The timer function with LED display gives you true coffee enjoyment at the time you set. The appliance switches on automatically at the programmed time and starts the brewing process. From mild to strong: the patented AromaSelector allows you to set the intensity of the coffee to your taste with just one flick of the wrist without changing the coffee or water quantity. Always enjoy your favourite coffee how you want it for example, as a strong wake-up in the morning and as a mild pleasant coffee in the afternoon. The AromaSelector always ensures an optimum and varied taste experience. Stainless steel features on the filter and the jug handle give the coffee machine a modern look. Thanks to the practical hinged filter holder, it is easy to insert the coffee filter and fill it with coffee powder. You can remove the hinged filter holder if necessary, e.g. for cleaning. No mess: the integrated drip stop on the filter prevents the coffee from dripping when you remove the glass jug. Uncomplicated cleaning: you can simply clean the hinged filter holder and glass jug in the dishwasher. The large transparent water tank with side cup scale makes it easy to fill the water quantity you need. Thanks to the integrated keep-warm plate, you can reliably keep your coffee hot for up to 40 minutes if needed. After that time, the coffee machine switches off automatically and thus ensures economical operation.

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