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Melitta EPOS Pour Over Coffee Machine with Grinder

Melitta EPOS Pour Over Coffee Machine with Grinder


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As if brewed by hand: The Electrical Pour Over System simulates classic hand filtration. Thanks to the open filter, you will experience the brewing process with all the senses. Hand-made at a touch.

Rotating outlet: The water outlet rotates 360° and changes the direction and water flow depending on the brewing profile. So the ground coffee is optimally wet.

Integrated grinder: The EPOS coffee machine has an integrated coffee grinder with variable grinding setting, but can also be used with already ground coffee.

Pre-brewing function for perfect blooming: Automatic pre-brewing simulates deliberate brewing by hand. The aroma of the coffee beans can develop optimally and the roasted gases escape perfectly.

Innovative design: The EPOS provides absolute pleasure not only tasty, but also visually. The rotating water outlet fascinates. The design was awarded the Red Dot Award 2020.

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