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Melitta Grey Porcelain Pour-Over Coffee Set with Jug and Filter Cone

Melitta Grey Porcelain Pour-Over Coffee Set with Jug and Filter Cone


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Brew Like a Barista, Pour-Over Style

Jug and Cone Pour-Over Set Provides Pathway to Coffee Precision

Elegance, convenience and fresh brewed taste is all included in this Melitta tradition. Use your own hands to prompt the extraction and inhalation of aromas that rise at the very pace of your own collaboration with gravity. Making these circular pouring motions is a creative process that offers real-time rewards for the senses. The Porcelain Pour-Over coffeemaker set includes a porcelain pour-over cone, a matching 0.6-liter porcelain serving-jug, a porcelain lid for the jug, and five starter filters.

Three Simple Steps

The Classic Edition Porcelain Pour-Over Set allows you to brew handcrafted coffee in three simple steps: 1. Place Pour-Over cone on top of the jug, insert Melitta coffee filter, 2. Scoop in your favourite fresh ground coffee to taste and 3. Pour recently-boiled water into the cone, fully saturating all grounds

Melitta: Pioneers of Coffee Industry Since 1908

Melitta has led the coffee industry since 1908, when founder Melitta Bentz made the world's first paper filter bags. Now 20 billion filter bags are used world-wide on a yearly basis, and this conscientious German organisation continues to lead the way in coffee-related innovation.

Stylish porcelain filter holder and matching porcelain jug, For manual preparation of 4-10 cups of fresh and aromatic coffee

Filter brews directly into 0.6L jug for easy sharing, View window for visibility of jug's contents, Colourful, high quality finish

Designed for accelerated water flow and reduced bitterness, Well balanced and stable with a good sized handles for easy of use

The classic preparation of a timeless favourite, Easy-to-clean by hand or dishwasher, Suitable for Melitta 1x4 coffee filters

Contents: 1 Melitta Pour Over Coffee Set with Jug and Filter Cone, Porcelain, Grey, Weight: 1.23 kg, Dimensions: (LxWxH) 17.5 x 16.8 x 29.1 cm, Directions for ideal preparation, 6768456

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