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Melitta Perfect Clean 250ml Milk System Cleaner

Melitta Perfect Clean 250ml Milk System Cleaner

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The PERFECT CLEAN Milk System Cleaner easily and thoroughly removes milk from your coffee machine. A highly effective formula to offer a gentle clean whilst guaranteed removal of any built-up deposits.

Cleaning performance

PERFECT CLEAN liquid cleaner ensures hygienic, efficient and thorough cleaning of the milk system. Milk residues are removed. The liquid cleaner is gentle on materials.

Product advantages

PERFECT CLEAN liquid cleaner only needs to be mixed with water to quickly and easily clean the milk system. The level marks on the side of the bottle provide a measuring aid. The liquid cleaner is odourless.

Advantages of cleaning regularly

Regular cleaning not only improves coffee flavour, but also increases the service life of your appliance.

Specifically built for your Melitta filter coffee machine

Available in 250ml

Long-lasting and highly-effective

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