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Phoenix Fitness 3kg Medicine Ball

Phoenix Fitness 3kg Medicine Ball

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The 3kg medicine ball is ideal for an upper or lower cardiovascular workout and still versatile enough to be used as part of a group or partner exercise. Its easy grip textured surface is designed for extra comfort leading to a more focused workout experience.

Textured handle - The Phoenix Fitness Medicine Ball has a textured rubber surface for better grip and handling. Designed for extra comfort leading to a more concentrated training experience.

No Bounce - the specially designed gym ball has no bounce. This is designedso you can throw the ball against solid surfaces, which is ideal for fat degradation, crossfit, core training and strength training.

Core Muscles - Perfect for strengthening your core muscles and abdominal muscle training. The sand-filled ball prevents the ball from jumping and rolling around when used at home or in the gym.

Feel warm - be seduced by the Phoenix Fitness Small Slam Ball during your training exercises and exercises. You'll feel how muscles work like you never show you have them!

CHANGE YOURSELF - Try different exercises every day: squat push-up, 8, circular squats, half knee lift, tricep extension, rotation lunging steps, medicine ball plank and seat rotations.

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