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Princess Smart 540w Infrared Panel Heater

Princess Smart 540w Infrared Panel Heater

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Stylish wall mountable 540 Watt infrared panel heater for sustainable, quick and efficient heating. Control your SMART panel heater conveniently with the Princess Home APP or voice control. This heater comes with a scheduling and timer function.

Infrared Panel Heater: 540 Watt infrared smart panel heater with 11 meter range.

Low Energy Consumption: Infrared heaters are more energy-efficient than other space heaters as they do not heat up the entire room. Convection heaters heat the air and air circulation can cause a significant loss of heat. As soon as doors are opened or briefly ventilated, the room temperature drops. Infrared heaters instead heat matter, such as people, furniture and walls. These then release heat back into the room over time. With an infrared heater you do not have to heat the entire room, but can create heated zones and direct the heat to specific areas while allowing the air to remain cool and fresh.

Powerful Carbon Crystal Heating Element: Equipped with a carbon crystal heating element which is very stable and has highly accurate heating temperatures and power settings. Carbon crystal has a very even heat distribution which allows for lower energy consumption.

Smart Connected: Control your heater with the free HomeWizard app on your smartphone, even when you are not at home. Connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Free Standing or Wall Mounted: The heaters come with an included stand, or you can use it wall mounted with the included wall bracket. Ideal for use in your home office, living area or bedroom.

Set Timers and Schedules: With the app you can set timers and schedules so you can always come home to a nice warm room. Set your panel heater to turn itself on and off to suit your daily routines.

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