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Smartwares SH8-99401UK Alarm Security Set

Smartwares SH8-99401UK Alarm Security Set

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Have you ever left home and then wondered if you remembered to close the doors and windows? The Smartwares Pro Security Set will make sure you’re confident your home is secure in your absence. The magnetic window contacts will send a notification to your smartphone or tablet if you have left a door or window open, or if they are disturbed while you’re out. The smart bulb can be programmed to flash and change colour if an intruder enters your home.

Never forget to lock up
Protect the entrance to your home by installing the magnetic contacts on your door or windows. If you leave your home and a door or window is open, a notification will be sent to your smartphone or tablet.

Ready-to-use set for two doors or windows
The Smartwares Security Set contains two magnetic contacts, a smart colour bulb and the Link Gateway. The Link connects your home network with the free HomeWizard Link App, sending notifications to your smartphone or tablet. The app also allows you to set your emergency contacts, and create settings for your smart bulb.

Easy to install
Installation is very easy. Simply connect the Link using the network cable provided, and download the HomeWizard Link app from Google Play or Apple App Store. The app will guide you through a few simple steps to connect your smoke detectors in no time, and control them via your smartphone or tablet.

Safety first
Smartwares prioritises your privacy, by using only encrypted and private connections, and storing data on our own European servers. Complying with all European legislation, you can be sure Smartwares respects your privacy and data, so you can be confident using our products safely.

Simplify your life with a smart home
The Smartwares Pro Series offers a complete range of products to automate your life. Connect Smartwares Pro accessories using your Link and App: secure your home further with smoke and water detectors. Add smart lighting to create the perfect ambience at home, and use smart plugs to monitor your energy use and automate connected devices.

What’s in the box:
Two smart magnetic contacts, a smart colour bulb, Link, power cable, network cable, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Smartwares Security Set:

Feel safe knowing you’ll be notified if you forget to close your windows and door, or if they are opened while you’re out.

The smart colour bulb responds with different colour signals if the door and windows are opened in your absence.

Preset emergency contacts who may be able to help faster

The smart magnetic contacts can also be used to protect file cabinets, medicine cabinets and garage doors.

Make your whole home smarter with additional products from the Smartwares Pro range.

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