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SnowTime 100 Multi-Function String LED Lights in Ice White

SnowTime 100 Multi-Function String LED Lights in Ice White

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SnowTime lights offer you the confidence of high-quality products and innovative design. As a UK supplier, we have been sourcing and designing products for sale in the UK since 1987. Our longevity is based on our core principles of offering quality products sourced ethically. LED string lights are ideal for any purpose. They can be used to decorate Christmas trees, outdoor spaces from hedges to fences.

Cable length-5m


Guarantee - 1 year


Transformer included

Guarantee - 1 year

Features and benefits

BULB RATING: 3v/0.024w TRANSFORMER RATING: IP44 BS 31v 3.6W SET RATING: 1.44w 5CM BULB SPACING GREEN CABLE 5M LEAD WIRE 100 White LEDS set length 4.95m 0.15mm2 IP44 BS electronic transformer 8-function controller with memory chip Controller to 1st Bulb 5M w/Timer 6+18

Timer function and 8 function controller built in. Timer function is 6 hours on and 18 off

5m lead wire

Bulb Spacing 7cm

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