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SnowTime 960 White/Warm White LED Cluster Lights with Timer

SnowTime 960 White/Warm White LED Cluster Lights with Timer

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Instead of a strand of single lights, they are designed almost as a garland of festive light clusters with each LED on a short stem. This set has 960 LEDs, giving a total length of 16m. These twinkly lights have 8 different functions and a memory chip, which allows you to flick between settings or choose your favourite setting for the Christmas season. Additionally, these lights come with a handy timer function allowing you to have your favourite lights on at the same time each day! With a range of colours available, these LED lights are stunning on a Christmas tree or garland, arranged around a conservatory or entwined around a window or door frame. Also suitable for outdoor use, so just imagine how amazing the effect would be displayed around a tree trunk, a favourite Christmas garden ornament, along a hedgerow or fence! Variable Bulb Spacing. Green cable. 5m Lead wire. 960 LEDS. First to Last Bulb: 7m. 8-function controller with memory chip.

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