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Solis 5 in 1 Stainless Steel 1400W Table Grill

Solis 5 in 1 Stainless Steel 1400W Table Grill

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About this item

For great evenings with family and friends

5 in 1: raclette, table grill, mini stir fry, mini pizza & pancakes in one device!

The table grill 5 in 1 from Solis is perfect for a pleasant evening with family and friends at Christmas, on New Year's Eve, birthdays or just in between. Not only raclette fans get their money's worth – as vegetables and meat can be grilled, Asian stir fry dishes can be prepared and pancakes can be baked. Thanks to the switchable bottom heat, you can even prepare mini pizzas in no time. The multifunctional plate can be used on two sides: one side has a ribbed and flat side and the other side of the plate is suitable for making pancakes and wok dishes. Do you want to take a break? Then place the hot pans in the cold zone on the bottom plate. The non-stick coating of the Solis 5 in 1 grill means that no butter or oil is needed for preparing dishes.

This grill brings variety to the table, ideal for raclettes, table-top grill, mini-wok, crêpes or mini-pizzas

Savoury Grilled dishes, sweet crêpes, home cooked raclette, exotic dishes from the mini-wok or even mini-pizzas

Large grill plate usable on both sides (one side half grooved and half flat for meat, vegetables, etc./ one side for mini-wok or crêpes)

Made of finest-quality Stainless Steel

Cool Zone to accommodate hot pans during breaks in the meal

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