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Solis Perfetta Espresso Knock Box

Solis Perfetta Espresso Knock Box

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As a real home barista, don't you want to have all the tools to brew a cup of coffee in the most comfortable way? The Perfetta Knock Box is one such tool that should not be missing. It allows you to collect your coffee grounds in a clean and elegant way. Place the Perfetta Knock Box next to your espresso machine and in one movement deposit the residue in the knock box. Just one tap on the knock bar and you easily knock the used coffee out of the filter. The knock bar is covered with soft rubber, preventing scratches on the portafilter and reducing the noise. The large knock box can be easily taken apart and reassembled for quick and easy cleaning. The knock bar is easy to remove and the insert is dishwasher-safe. Of course, you can also wash the Perfetta Knock Box by hand! The non-slip feet prevent the Knock Box from moving around, help to reduce noise and protect the countertop from scratching.

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