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Solis Solipol Special Liquid Descaler for Coffee Machines

Solis Solipol Special Liquid Descaler for Coffee Machines

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About this item

A longer life for your espresso machine

Solipol Special Descaler

Do you want to be able to enjoy your espresso machine longer? You can enjoy a lot of good coffees for a long time when you maintain the device in the right way. A big part of proper maintenance is a regular cleaning of the device. Make sure that you regularly give the device a good cleaning. With the Solis Solipol Special descaler it’s going to be easy to clean the machine. Calcification is one of the main reasons a coffee machine needs to be fixed. The descaling of the coffee machine is therefore essential for the life of your device. In addition, it also has a positive influence on the quality of your cup of coffee. Solis Solipol Special descaler is developed for espresso machines.

Easy to use

When you want to use the Solis Solipol Special descaler, you can use it in a ratio of 1 part descaling and 4 parts water. Then follow the descaling instructions of your device. After descaling, you should rinse the watertank and the machine once or twice.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR MACHINE - This special descaler for coffee machines extends the life of your espresso and coffee machine

SPECIAL FORMULA - SOLIPOL Special descaling liquid contains a formula based on lactic acid and does not attack sensitive materials

FOR ALL MACHINES - For all types of espresso machines and fully automatic coffee machines

1 LITER - This bottle contains 1 liter of Solis Solipol, this way you can use the descaler for multiple cleans

SOLIS QUALITY - Leaves no residue, highly effective, easy and safe to use with childproof cap

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