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Solis Tamper Mat for Coffee Machines

Solis Tamper Mat for Coffee Machines

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For easy and clean handling.

Silicone tamper mat.

The Solis tamper mat is the ideal accessory for preparing the perfect espresso or coffee: It makes it easier for you to press the coffee powder into the sieve holder and at the same time protects the worktop from dirt and unwanted scratches. The 90° angle keeps the pad in place.

As the tamper mat is made of silicone, it is easy to clean. You can either wipe them with a damp cloth or simply put them in the dishwasher. The high quality of the silicone also ensures low wear.

Advantages at a glance:

Easier pressing of the coffee powder.

Protects against dirt and scratches on the worktop.

No slipping thanks to 90° angle.

Made of high quality silicone

With silver Solis lettering.

Easy to clean.

4 tips for the perfect espresso.

1) Always preheat your cup as coffee is sensitive to a cooler environment. To make it easy for you, the Solis Gran Gusto has a warmed cup tray. 2) Make sure that your portafilters are always clean and free from coffee residue. It is best to clean the portafilter after each coffee with a microfibre cloth. 3) Grind your coffee for the espresso fresh if possible, only in this way you can get the most out of any coffee bean. 4) Before inserting the filter holder, rinse the brewing unit briefly to remove coffee residue and oils. Two to five seconds is enough.

Tamper mat – practical tamper mat for easier pressing of the coffee powder into the sieve holder as well as for protecting the work surface

No slipping – square shape and 90° angle for optimal lying on the table edge without slipping

High edge – no flying away of the coffee ground residue from the base thanks to the high edge for a clean worktop

Silicone material: robust and dishwasher-safe silicone material, high-quality design with silver Solis lettering

Box contents: 1 Solis tamper mat, dimensions (W x H x D): 20 x 4 x 15 cm, material: silicone, colour: black

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