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Solis Vac Prestige 575 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine

Solis Vac Prestige 575 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine


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Did you bring fresh fish, juicy strawberries or a spicy cheese from the weekly market? Have you cooked several portions at the same time and you don't want to eat everything right away? Both leftovers from dinner and the food you just bought can be vacuumed with this vacuum machine. The Vac Prestige from Solis helps you to store freshly bought or opened food on a daily basis. When vacuuming, your food is packed clean and safely. This way you ensure that your food can be kept up to 4 times longer without loss of aroma and consistency. Leftover food or fresh food can later be reused for delicious dishes. When storing food in the freezer for a long time, vacuuming offers protection against freezer burn. The machine is suitable for dry, moist and delicate foods and has a powerful vacuum range of -0.8 bar. The extraction capacity is 12 liters per minute, which makes this machine suitable for vacuuming larger quantities of food.

Compact Vacuum Sealer

The Vac Prestige is a super compact vacuum sealer, with which you can choose to seal fully automatically or manually, which also makes the device ideal for pressure-sensitive food.

For dry, moist and sensitive food

Storage without preservatives

Protection against burning in the freezer

Protection against loss of aroma

Automatic or manual sealing

Marinating function

Pulse vacuum

Storage compartment for tube and a foil roll

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