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Spear & Jackson AMZ 7.5-Inch Bucket Trowel

Spear & Jackson AMZ 7.5-Inch Bucket Trowel


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Builders Tools

Designed for hard wearing performance, comfort and ease of use when carrying out tasks such as brickwork, plastering, flooring & cement work.

Our S&J range features soft feel handles for comfort in use with integral finger guards on brickwork tools and high-quality fabricated blades balanced for optimum performance.

Redesigned and improved for 2015

Ideal for occasional professional use or a DIY enthusiast

Wide bladed trowel primarily used for removing mortar or plaster from a bucket, can also be used to smooth mortar

Polished and lacquered carbon steel blade, length 7.5, width (front) 3 / 75 mm (back) 4.3 / 108 mm

Ergonomically shaped handle with a soft feel grip

Grow Your Own 2022 Great British Growing Award Winners

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