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Streetwize Super Heavy Duty 50mm x 50m Black Duct Tape

Streetwize Super Heavy Duty 50mm x 50m Black Duct Tape

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Ideal For Fixing: Created to be used as a multi-purpose extra strong adhesive tape. This is ideal for fixing, repairing and also acting as a replacement to glue.

Water Resistant: Highly adhesive and leaves no residue when removing. This makes it perfect for construction, offices and industrial use as it is made from the highest of quality.

Interior or Exterior: Made to be used both interior and exterior. Ideal for professional and DIY enthusiasts, it is strong and resilient to tears. Meaning it can be used on; Walls, Ceilings, Floors and any other job requiring strong adhesive tape.

Bonds To Any Surface: Gaffa tape is well recognised for its known bodies that allow it to attach to any surface. One known tip for Gaffa tape is that it will not pull of paint.

Easy to Tear: Here at Streetwize we promise to bring the highest quality goods. This SS5050BK Black Gaffa tape is extremely easy to tear. This tape can be torn by hand which is safe and will not cause any cuts.

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