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Tefal Mini Deep Fryer

Tefal Mini Deep Fryer


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The compact and elegant Mini Fryer does more than just save on space; it cuts back on the amount of oil and power used too, while still achieving deliciously crispy results. In fact, the Mini Fryer can cook-up all your favourites including crispy calamari, samosas, doughnuts...... Convenient carry handles make it easy to move around your kitchen, while the lid can be used to prevent oil splashes. Once you're done, the non-stick coated bowl wipes down effortlessly for ease of cleaning.

Elegant yet functional - the sleek Mini Fryer’s space-saving design makes it easy to carry and store

Using just 1000 W of power and 1 L of oil, you can cook 600 g of chips or any of your other favourite fried foods

A convenient cooking lid, complete with viewing window and permanent metallic filter, allows you to monitor progress for ideal results every time

Stay in control thanks to an adjustable thermostat that lets you vary the oil temperature between 150 and 190 degrees Celsius

For effortless cleaning the inner bowl is non-stick and the basket is dishwasher safe

Note: Never switch on without oil and Check the oil being used follow the manufacturers guidelines

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