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Varta High Energy 9V Block Non-Rechargeable Battery

Varta High Energy 9V Block Non-Rechargeable Battery

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Ensure that you always get excellent power and reliability from your devices by using the great value VARTA High Energy Alkaline 9V Battery. That is because this battery has been manufactured in Germany to provide you with lots of power and outstanding reliability.

It has a 10 year shelf life, so you will always have a battery on hand whenever you need it. This 4922121411 battery is supplied in an incredibly convenient single press out pack, making it simple and easy to use.

The 9V voltage on this Varta battery makes it perfect for power intensive uses such as smoke alarms, walkie talkies and much more.

Quantity: Single

Voltage: 9V

Colour: Blue

Size: 9V

Manufacturer Product Code: 4922121411

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