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Varta Longlife Power Micro LR03 AAA Batteries

Varta Longlife Power Micro LR03 AAA Batteries

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About this item

VARTA Longlife Power is the powerful choice among VARTA batteries. Specially developed for use in devices such as toys, computer accessories or torches, the VARTA Longlife Power offers a power output suitable for devices with high power consumption. More intuitive naming and application symbols make selecting the correct batteries easier

High performance quality, a branded product, "Made in Germany"

The premium quality batteries always deliver the appropriate power output, while also offering long life

10 Several-year shelf-life, leak-proof, long-life and certified in accordance with international standards: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 1 4001:2005

Ideal for devices with a high power consumptions, for example remote-controlled toys, controllers, mice, radio equipment, torches, bathroom scales, medical devices, digital thermometers

Suitable for thermometers, gaming mice, keyboards, electronic robots, television remotes, lamps, lighting, electronic tools

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