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Dreamland Silent Power Pure Air Fan Heater

Dreamland Silent Power Pure Air Fan Heater


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Equipped with advanced SUPER SILENT technology, this fan heater ensures a comforting and quiet heating experience, complemented by its ability to intelligently balance temperature and power.
Enjoy the ideal warmth day and night, undisturbed by noise, thanks to the Super Silent function.
Taking control of your comfort has never been easier with the innovative auto switch-off timer.
Select from three pre-set options (1 hour, 3 hours, or 9 hours), and let the fan heater automatically turn off after the chosen time.
Customising Silent Power Pure to cater to your needs is effortless, providing maximum comfort and safety with its versatile operating settings.
Safety remains a top priority with Silent Power Pure Air's IP21 protection degree and anti-drop, anti-dust cover, offering utmost safeguarding against vertical water splashes.
Moreover, revel in pristine air quality, courtesy of the exclusive IONISER technology.
As the fan heater, negative ions bind to pollutants in the air, such as dust, smoke, pollen, and bacteria, effectively purifying the environment and creating a cleaner and lighter atmosphere.
Embrace the ultimate combination of warmth and pure air with Silent Power Pure Air, where tranquility and optimal air quality become an integral part of your cosy environment.
Experience the perfect blend of comfort and serenity, making your home a sanctuary of soothing warmth and pristine air, courtesy of Silent Power Pure Air's cutting-edge features and innovative technology.
Quiet Mark Certified: Quiet Mark tests both the decibel level of an appliance as well as its sound quality allowing the customers to make informed choices, based on independent, expert assessment of sound levels across the category.
Ultra silent, rapid heating and maximum air quality thanks to the ioniser so the air is cleaner and lighter.

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