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Energizer 12000BTU Mobile Air Conditioner

Energizer 12000BTU Mobile Air Conditioner


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Stay cool in hot weather with this fantastic portable air conditioner from Energizer. Operating in a similar way as a fixed air conditioner, the portable air conditioner cools by removing hot air from a room and replacing it with a cooling breeze with the convenience of being able to move the air conditioner from room to room. The main advantage of this model is its ease of use, because there is no complicated installation necessary and the device can be moved as you wish. Install the air conditioning where you want it: direct the flow of ventilation in your direction to savour the breeze; whether you are in your living room, kitchen or even in your caravan, all you need to do is find a power socket and connect the air conditioner. The mobile air conditioner also acts as a fan and dehumidifier. It has wheels to easily move it from room to room. The large LED display and a timer make it easy to program plus it comes with a handy remote control for ease of use. Guarantee - 2 years. Features and Benefits: Easy to use Portable air conditioner; 3 Settings: Air Conditioner; Fan and Dehumidifier; Large LED Display and Timer Remote Control.

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