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Energizer 50W 4000 Lumen Site Light

Energizer 50W 4000 Lumen Site Light


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The Energizer EZLSPF50UK is a corded LED Flood lamp with 4000 Lumen powered by 180 - 300v ( 50W) Suitable for a wide range of outdoor and indoor uses from camping, DIY work, outdoor and remote work activity where portable lighting is essential. This trade quality work lamp offers a variety of advantages over conventional LED lamps. If you are considering installing work lights, or even replacing the ones you already have, it is worth considering. This Energizer Work Lights operates at 4000 Lumen to illuminate work areas. LED work Light provides many advantages over traditional light bulbs. Its power cord allows permanent illumination at construction sites and the light angle beams at 120 degrees. With a power cord, allows permanent illumination on construction sites. The Colour Temperature (CCT) is 6000 K, this offers white light, natural light perfect for painting or tasks where a natural daylight is required. The LED Chip will not need replacing as it will last up to 50,000 hours and is not subject to breakage due to shock like typical halogen or incandescent lamps. Further more the Energizer lamp has been vigorously tested and designed to withstand the typical wear and knocks of DYI. It has an Ingress Rating of 65 (IP65), which means it's enclosure gives protection against low pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray. It's suitable for most outdoor enclosures that won't encounter extreme weather such as flooding Supporting the durability and strength of the Energizer LED lamp is the solid aluminium body. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Included in the box: LED Lamp and Instructions. This Energizer lamp lights up bright with 4000 lumens. Made of very solid aluminium, it resists shocks on construction site. With a protection index of 65 (IP65), it is suitable for indoor and outdoor sites. Its power supply allows permanent lighting on construction sites and you can rotate the lighting.

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