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Flymo Battery PBA 18V/2.0Ah P4A

Flymo Battery PBA 18V/2.0Ah P4A


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Flymo is part of one of the world’s largest cross-platform battery sharing alliances, POWER FOR ALL, allowing you the flexibility to share your 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries across many tools in and around the home and garden. Offering you the greatest application variety for home users.

Compatible with numerous other tools from participating brands of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE around your home and garden. This means that you no longer need to buy one battery for every product. You save money and stay flexible at all times!

Power Made Easy with its capacity of 2.0Ah it is compatible with all Flymo 18V POWER FOR ALL- tools. It has the perfect balance of weight and runtime for all handheld tools. 

Fast Charging, the Lithium-Ion cells inside the battery pack can be charged quickly and every time, without memory effect for a long battery life time.

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