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Flymo EasiClean Plus Portable Pressure Cleaner

Flymo EasiClean Plus Portable Pressure Cleaner


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Your ultimate companion for tackling tough dirt and debris in your outdoor spaces whilst at home or even on the go! Completely portable, the Flymo EasiClean Plus Li can effortlessly reach every nook and cranny without the hassle of cords, and whilst drawing water from any source. Adjustable Settings: Choose from 9°, 14°, or 24° spray settings and 2 lance sizes. Finish Up Faster: Swap attachments quickly, no tools needed. Protect Against Dirt: Enjoy a clean wash with filtered particle protection. Portable, with no mains cable needed, the Flymo EasiClean Pressure Cleaner enables you to clean around the home and garden as well as when you are out and about. The portable nature of the EasiClean makes it ideal to take with you on mountain biking trails allowing you to clean your bikes off before putting them either in your car or on a bike rack. The filter attachment means you can use any nearby water supply (ponds, lakes, water troughs, etc.) to clean your belongings with ease. It's bottle attachment allows you to fill distribute car shampoo onto your car evenly to get it perfectly clean, you can then remove this and use the normal settings to rinse. The hose that comes with the EasiClean can be dropped into a bucket of water which is ideal if you dont have an outdoor water supply or if your water supply is too far from where you wash your car. The different attachments that come with the EasiClean Plus Li allows for you to alter the pressure at which the water comes out. This means it is ideal whether you want to give your outdoor furniture and patio/paving stones a quick rinse over or whether there are some stubborn marks to blast off. The EasiClean Li Plus includes a portable, collapsible water bag, which is perfect for trips away from the home. This pack includes: a short and long lance, a 20L water container, 3 nozzle attachments, a foam dispenser, a 6m hose, a battery and charger.

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