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Flymo EasiLife 500 GO Robotic Lawnmower

Flymo EasiLife 500 GO Robotic Lawnmower


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Ideal for medium gardens, the EasiLife 500 GO is a compact robotic lawn mower that automatically cuts up to 500m2 so you don’t have to – giving you a tidy lawn with zero effort. Mowing every corner of the lawn, the EasiLife 500 GO is packed with functions to suit your lifestyle and can automatically adapt its schedule based on the weather through LawnSense and FrostSense. No screens or complex programming, the LED indicators guide you for quick and easy control, with the Bluetooth app giving you full access to the robotic mowers extended settings - allowing you the set schedules and trouble shoot from the comfort of your home. Ultra quiet mowing at 58dB(A) means that you won’t disturb you or your neighbours when your robotic is mowing, allowing you to keep to a regular mowing schedule for a healthy greener lawn. The Intelligent guide wire allows for programmable start points for multiple cutting areas of lawn and efficiently guides the mower home without leading tracks. The PassageSense function also allows for the robotic mower to cut and navigate through narrow passages.

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