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GARDENA 20m Basic Hose Set

GARDENA 20m Basic Hose Set


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The GARDENA Basic Hose Set includes everything you need to keep your garden happy and hydrated. The hose set kit includes a 20m basic hose; the quality 13mm hose has a burst pressure of 20 bar. The set also includes a tap connector, adapter and hose connector, for a secure, leak-free connection from tap to hose. The set also comes with a basic sprayer, perfect for powerful cleaning and gentle irrigation, with just a twist of the nozzle. Set also comes with a water stop, allowing you to change hose accessory, from sprinkler to sprayer for example, without the hose leaking. Comes with a 5 year warranty.

Ready To Use: Packed with everything you need to water your garden - including a 20m basic hose, powerful cleaning nozzle, leak-free tap connector & adaptor, hose connector and water stop.

High Quality Hose: The 13mm diameter high-quality hose is free from harmful substances and heavy metals. The basic nozzle included in the set switches from powerful cleaning to gentle irrigation with the hard jet and fine mist spray settings.

Frost and UV protection: Ensuring your sprayer, hose and connectors remain undamaged in low temperatures.

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