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GARDENA 5L Comfort Pressure Sprayer

GARDENA 5L Comfort Pressure Sprayer


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Perfect for spray irrigation, fertilising or plant protection the GARDENA Pressure Sprayer Comfort 5L is easy and comfortable to use. Add your own, home-made treatments to the sprayer as this set comes with a recipe guide and nylon filter. With an extra wide opening and viewing strip you can easily fill up your sprayer and see how much liquid you have left. Use the ergonomically designed D shaped handle to build up pressure in the sprayer, and thanks to the handy back strap, you can easily transport the sprayer around the garden. The sprayer head features two different spray patterns, spray jet and fine mist, and with a lockable trigger function you can continue spraying without your finger on the trigger. Ergonomic and Adjustable: Well-equipped for various plant care tasks, the GARDENA 5L pressure sprayer uses two spray patterns (spray mist and jet spray), to treat your plants. Easy To Fill: Thanks to the 12cm cone-shaped opening and viewing strip showing the fill level, you can easily fill your pump and immediately know how much liquid is left. Comfortable and Sturdy: Features ergonomic foot treads and a wide D-shaped handle to ensure a safe and firm stand even on uneven surfaces when pumping to build up pressure.

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