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GARDENA AssistCut Garden Shears

GARDENA AssistCut Garden Shears


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Perfect for cutting small branches, young shoots and flowers, the GARDENA AssistCut secateurs give you extra power when needed. The battery powered secateurs detect resistance using an intelligent sensor, giving you 5 times more cutting power, making pruning easier than ever. When fully charged, you can cut up to 1400 times. The ergonomically designed secateurs are comfortable to use and supported by high-quality, precision ground blades. If you’re pruning flowers or young shoots, you can simply turn the battery function off, allowing you to use the secateurs as you would a regular, manual pair. Charge the AssistCut secateurs using the included USB C cable, which can charge to 100% in just 100 minutes.

Precise, Clean Cut: The ideal assistant for easy and effortless cutting of branches, young shoots and flowers with a 25 mm maximum cutting diameter. The precision-ground stainless steel blades and the bypass cutting principle provide a gentle and precise cut to protect the plants.

Power Boost Mode: The intelligent sensor helps give you extra power when resistance is detected, making cutting particularly easy and effortless.

Long Use Battery: Battery backup allows 1400 effortless cuts on a full battery charge (tested on 10mm dry beech wood). The battery is 100% charged in 100 minutes.

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