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GARDENA Automatic Water Control Select

GARDENA Automatic Water Control Select


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Automatic, time-saving irrigation, the GARDENA Water Control Select allows you to create up to 3 individual watering programmes. Connect your water control to a Micro-Drip system or sprinkler for automatic, convenient watering. The Select control is easy to operate thanks to the rotary and push control and easy-to-view LC display. Connect the weather-proof unit directly to the tap, then set your watering schedules, then sit back, relax, knowing your plants are being cared for. Using 1 9V alkaline battery, the timer will stop watering if battery levels are too low. Use the water now function for continuous water flow from the tap without removing the unit from the tap.

Automatic, time-saving Irrigation: Using a GARDENA Water Control, your garden can be reliably and conveniently watered – even if you are not at home. Resulting in more leisure time, a lush green lawn and beautiful, healthy plants.

Easy to Operate: Highly flexible according to your personal tastes, three different and independent schedules can be created for the irrigation system.

Flexible Scheduling: The Water Control can easily be adjusted with a switch - an easily-legible LC display showing all settings at a glance for quick confirmation. The weatherproof operating unit can be removed to carry out the settings.

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