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GARDENA Classic Hedge Clipper

GARDENA Classic Hedge Clipper


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The GARDENA NatureCut Hedge Clippers, with specially designed waved shape blades ensure a clean, healthy cut. The high-quality precision ground blades include a non-stick coating for maximum cutting efficiency. The ergonomically designed handles are made from 100% FSC certified wood and include soft plastic shock absorbers to protect your hands and wrists. The shears also come with an integrated branch cutter, for thicker wood. With a warranty period of 25 years, the highest quality is guaranteed. Robust and Sturdy: The GARDENA Classic Hedge Clippers are equipped with robust steel, waved shaped blades that ensure durability and a healthy cut - even thicker branches can be easily cut with the built-in branch cutter. Angled and Safe: The working angle of the NatureCut is 20°. This means that the hands never touch the hedge when cutting and you are always safe from scratches and minor injuries. Comfortable Work: the GARDENA NatureCut hedge clippers feature soft plastic shock absorbers, therefore they are easy on your arms and wrists and comfortable to work with.

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