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GARDENA CleverRoll S 40m Empty Hose Trolley

GARDENA CleverRoll S 40m Empty Hose Trolley


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The GARDENA CleverRoll Hose Trolley S is ideal for smaller gardens. This hose trolley has a standard hose length capacity of 40m. This compact model comes with a height adjustable handle for space saving storage, and features an angled hose connection for maximum water flow and prevents the hose from kinking.

Ideal for Smaller Gardens: This empty CleverRoll Hose Trolley can store a standard hose length capacity for 40m.

Adaptable and Convenient: The height adjustable handle allows you to  easily transport your reel around the garden, while the large crank handles makes winding and unwinding your hose simple.

Ergonomically and Conveniently Designed: This hose reel features a crank handle that can be used on both sides, making it easy to use for both right and left-handed users.

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