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GARDENA Comfort Garden Multi Sprayer

GARDENA Comfort Garden Multi Sprayer


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The GARDENA Comfort Multi Sprayer can perform an assortment of irrigation and cleaning tasks. With five different spray settings (fine mist, soft spray, bubble jet, hard and flat spray)and infinitely adjustable water flow, the Multi-Sprayer is perfect for nearly every irrigation task. From irrigating gentle, tender seedlings to powerfully cleaning away stubborn dirt, the Multi-Sprayer does it all.

Adjustable Spray Patterns: Perfect for every irrigation task, with 5 different spray patterns you can irrigate even the most delicate of plants with the fine mist spray, potted plants with the soft spray or bubble jet and the hard or flat jet for cleaning away stubborn dirt.

Ergonomically and Conveniently Designed: Adjust the flow rate and lock the pulse trigger with one hand - allowing you to continue to water without your finger on the trigger.

Frost and UV Protection: Ensuring your sprayer remains undamaged in low temperatures.

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