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GARDENA EcoLine Patio Weeder

GARDENA EcoLine Patio Weeder


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Made from over 85% recycled post-consumer plastic waste, the GARDENA EcoLine range is the natural choice for the passionate gardener. The high-quality weeding trowel is perfect for removing weeds and moss from patios, paving slabs and wall edges. Ergonomically designed, the trowel is also coasted in Duroplast to prevent rust and corrosion damage. Made to last - the EcoLine hand tools range also comes with an outstanding 25 year warranty.

Effortless Weed Removal: The GARDENA EcoLine Patio Weeder is ideal for removing moss and weeds from between paving stones, slab gaps and at the edges of walls with its ground stainless steel blade.

Comfortable and Easy To Use: The ergonomically shaped handle of the patio weeder makes it comfortable and easy to use for scraping out gaps, crevices and edges.

Sustainability Made: The plastic used is made from more than 85 percent recycled material - mainly household waste. In addition, the steel of the blade is rustproof, all metal elements consist of at least 45 percent recycled material and the wood is FSC® 100%-certified.

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