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GARDENA Garden Hose Box RollUp M, 20M

GARDENA Garden Hose Box RollUp M, 20M


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Practical, compact and convenient the GARDENA 20m Hose Box makes watering the garden easier than ever. With integrated RollControl and hose guide features you can retract your hose safely without twisting or kinking. The short locking points on the hose box secure the garden hose for effortless irrigation. The robust metal spike can be placed anywhere in the garden. The hose box is also frost and UV resistant, sold as a ready-to-use set and comes with a 5 year warranty. Ready To Use: Packed with everything you need to water your garden - a 20-metre long quality hose, all necessary Original GARDENA System and connection elements, a sprayer with two different spray jet options and installation accessories. Strong and Stable: The ground spike of the hose box is simply turned in the earth and provides an extremely stable hold in the ground. Roll Control: With a light pull at the end of the hose, the integrated steel spring is activated and rewinds the hose automatically and reliably. The RollControl technology ensures slow and safe retraction, no matter how far the hose is unrolled.

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