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GARDENA Handspreader M

GARDENA Handspreader M


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Whether you're spreading fertiliser on your lawn, or salt on paths or driveways in the Winter you can rely on the GARDENA Hand-held spreader M. Spread areas up to 100m, with the easy and comfortable-to-use hand spreader. You can set use the 4 pre-set spread rates using the thumb operated mechanism, for optimum use. The crank handle sets away the free-running disc which ensures even spreading without blockages. Distribute your spreading width between one and four metres, depending on your needs. The quality spreader comes with an outstanding 25 year warranty. Year-Round Performance: Covering areas of up to 100m, the GARDENA Handspreader can be used all year-round with spreading material - ideal for fertilisers, seeds, granulate, sand and road salt. Even Distribution: The free-running spreading disk provides optimal functionality and even distribution, from a range from 1 - 4 meters, without blockages.Convenient Handling: The Handspreader is easy to use with the large crank handle, you can use the 4 pre-set spread rates using the thumb operated mechanism.

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